Gaming industry

What to play in January: the best games of the month
Warcraft 3 remake and other major releases of the first month of 2020 The gaming industry knows that we have a new year's holiday ahead of us, where we will…

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Best gifts for gamers on February 23
Laptop, chair, keyboard, mouse, and headphones — complete game set The most male holiday annually puts girls in a dead end. What to give a young person/friend / colleague, except…

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Best PC gaming builds in 2020
Six current configurations — from cheap but working to powerful and expensive Do you want to build a powerful gaming computer, but you do not have enough experience for this…

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Gopro HERO8 Black review: the new benchmark for action cameras?

Testing a new camera and comparing it with the previous version
In 2019, GoPro has updated their flagship devices by releasing the eighth generation of the HERO cameras. We have studied the device, so we are ready to tell you how the new product differs from the previous version.

Old design with new features
Externally, the camera has not changed much: at first glance, you can not guess that you are looking at an updated model. But on closer examination, it becomes clear that the gadget has received several important features. Continue reading

The RPG genre is experiencing a new Golden age

I wonder where those daredevils who proudly declared the death of role-playing games as a pure genre are now? They said that modern gamers do not have time to understand the complex system of pumping and read large texts, no matter how amazing they were written. Like, the old men who knew how much, were transferred, and the industry did not bring up new heroes. I don’t know what these people are feeling right now, but traditional large-scale RPGs with a focus on narrative definitely feel great.

One of the pioneers of this Golden age were industry veterans from Obsidian, who proved that isometric RPGs of the old school are the most alive in the dilogy of Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny. Continue reading

Goodbye, “tenth”! How the gaming industry has changed over the past 10 years

Epochal events that affected every gamer-even if they didn’t notice them
GameGuru finishes summarizing the results of 2019. And not just one year: in just three days, a new decade will come. A lot has happened between 2010 and 2019 — including in the gaming industry. We decided to remember all the most important things that happened in the last decade in the world of games.

Gamergate and its consequences
More than five years have passed since the biggest video game scandal of the twenty-first century. It began in 2014, when the developer’s ex-boyfriend Zoe Quinn accused her of cheating with a Kotaku journalist. Continue reading

Best action games of 2020

Games of the most popular genre will unfold to the fullest
Next year will be marked by the transition from the current generation of consoles to the next, so most of the games, if not all, will try to squeeze the latest juices from the Xbox One and PS4. Best of all, this transgression will be noticeable among the most popular genre of action games.

Half-Life: Alyx
Release date: March 2020 Continue reading

Games that you should catch up on during the new year holidays

They could have been skipped on the release, but now there is definitely time
An excess of free time is not a blessing, but a heavy burden. He needs something to do, otherwise the holidays will turn into torture. And if you switched to this material, it means that you are just looking for an interesting occupation. As such, we will offer you a list of games that could have been missed on the release, and then forget about them at all. Continue reading

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