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Cult games that didn't become TV series
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Ten ridiculous game myths that gamers believe in
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How game trailer editors trick you

Ten examples of mediocrity masked by a spectacular presentation
It has long been known that the purpose of an ad is to attract as large an audience as possible to your product. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, a game, or a vegetable grater. Effective presentation plays a huge role in future success, for which sometimes you have to lie a little. And sometimes not even slightly. And we will tell you about ten such examples now.

Long before the release of the controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare Studio decided to test its strength in a new field and began creating Anthem-an ambitious shooter with role-playing elements in a science-fiction setting. Development proceeded with a creak for a number of reasons, which will later tell the portal Kotaku, who interviewed 19 former and current employees of BioWare. During the six years that the development of Anthem lasted, a lot has changed in the genre of cooperative action games. At the very least, Bungie’s Destiny was released, in many ways similar to the future game. And the more venerable competitors, the more inflated the requirements for the final product become.

Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, and created in conditions of complete anarchy, Anthem was not the promising creation that it looked in numerous trailers. Everything was criticized, from the nondescript story to the monotonous gameplay. Its apotheosis negative towards the game reached in March 2019, when the network spread the news that the PS4 version of Anthem leads to an emergency shutdown, and in some cases – to the breakdown of the console.

Crackdown 3
The original Crackdown has become one of the brightest exclusives in the Xbox 360 library. Action in the open world like GTA, flavored with drayvovyvmi skirmishes and stylish graphic design-all this allowed to put together the brainchild of Realtime Worlds a good fan base. The sequel, developed by another office, received more restrained reviews, but still did not fall below the bar of a good game. Nevertheless, clever PR people managed to make the audience believe in the potential of the third part, which “will show everyone Kuzkin’s mother”. However, already on Xbox One.

Having received a new generation console, the authors planned to use a feature that Microsoft had been actively promoting even before the launch of the system — cloud computing. It was assumed that the game will get an advanced system of destruction, implemented through a constant connection with powerful server stations. In the end, none of the two announced features saw the green light. And multiple postponements of the release date did their job — the game felt like it was developed back in the days of the Xbox 360, and without any enthusiasm.

No Man’s Sky
The creation of the British indie developers from Hello Games is a beautiful illustration in a bad sense of how developers without proper experience swing at a larger beast and fail. Even before the release, the head of the Studio, Sean Murray, told kulstori that in the early stages of development, only four people were engaged in creating No Man’s Sky in the strictest secrecy. If the authors ‘ ambitions did not go beyond common sense, then perhaps the game would have a different fate. Or maybe not, because on paper, the concept looked just perfect. A huge universe with procedural generation, the ability to explore planets, epic battles in outer space…

In General, the bait worked with a Bang, and No Man’s Sky itself was awarded a number of awards long before its release. When the game finally saw the light, there was no limit to the audience’s disappointment. The gameplay turned out to be terribly monotonous and monotonous, and many of the stated features, including the multiplayer mode, just did not have time to drive to the release. Of course, over time, the game has greatly changed for the better thanks to numerous updates, but the spoon is good for lunch.

Mighty No. Nine
In 2013, one of the leading designers of the iconic Mega Man series went on Kickstarter with a spiritual heir who received the pretentious name Mighty No. 9. The launch of the fundraising campaign was accompanied by a spectacular video in which Keiji Inafune talks pathos about the importance of retro games and demonstrates sketches of his future creation. Oddly enough, this balm for the soul of a nostalgic audience was enough to raise almost a million dollars in just two days. And when the list of additional goals pursued by developers was published, the amount of fees exceeded the required amount by 400 percent.

Well, then everything went wrong. Numerous failures of deadlines clearly hinted that somewhere there was a smell of fried. As it turned out later, the delayed development period is the least of the possible problems. As well as the outdated schedule for 10 years. Much worse is the fact that Mighty No. 9 was far from a game that could be proudly called a spiritual heir. Rather, not the most successful parody. The project was replete with technical problems and a lot of unsuccessful game design solutions. If most of the “Megamenes” put before the players, even if hardcore, but still honest challenge, then the high complexity of Mighty No. 9 is largely due to flaws on the part of its creators.

By the way, the situation with the game is almost completely repeated on the example of Shenmue 3, we published a detailed analysis in November last year.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
The original Mirror’s Edge became one of the most original projects of its time. Acrobatics, to which players were once accustomed to Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider, has been replaced by a fashionable parkour in a futuristic city. The need to run from the police, not stopping for a second and constantly overcoming obstacles in its path, simply did not allow the palms to dry out — so much adrenaline was beating the key.

After the change of generations of gaming platforms, EA Games gave the series a second chance, and DICE took advantage of it, releasing a rebut instead of the originally planned sequel. Oh, how cool and stylish the trailer looked, promising a wonderful open world and plot. But then the game came out and it turned out that the plot is not that much, and it is not that interesting. And there was little use for the open world, because even the story missions were not very diverse. In this situation, I didn’t want to waste time on an optional courier routine.

A separate point should be highlighted and the quality of graphics, which Mirror’s Edge Catalyst pleased only in commercials. Or on a PC if the player has a top filling.

Need for Speed (2015)
As practice shows, interest in video games, as well as movies or music, often manifests itself in a cyclical form. And those things that the audience was once fed up with to the point of nausea, can suddenly be in demand years later. This is what happened with the Need for Speed series, the announcement of a rebut that caused mass hysteria among fans who missed “Eron-don-don” and furious street racing. Therefore, the game’s debut trailer, which showed dynamic police chases and stunning graphics, laid a huge credit to Ghost Games, whose Need for Speed Rivals was also appreciated by both critics and players.

Unfortunately, the reality was different. The only thing that the creators really managed to do is give out one of the best examples of tuning in the history of the genre and really beautiful graphics, hardly different from those shown in the videos. Everything else didn’t stand up to scrutiny. Absolutely insane physics in the style of buttered irons and zero challenge for a good 90 percent of the races. And the police, which naturally had to look for in the vastness of the city, and then play giveaway, in order to create at least some illusion of persecution? What is it, Chinese Adidas from the world of racing arcades?

However, we must pay tribute to the developers who did not sit idly by and began to fix numerous flaws in the new patches. They did not manage to make the long-awaited Underground 3 after a dozen “patches”, but they managed to make NFS sample 2015 at least somewhat playable.

Rambo: The Video Game
And although a series of dramatic action movies dedicated to Vietnam war veteran John Rambo, enjoyed great popularity in the 80’s, with video games based on somehow did not work out at all. Hit among them was not at all, good-quality-well, if a couple of three. But even they came out in such bearded times that without “Wikipedia” and “Google” the average gamer is unlikely to remember their names. Therefore, the announcement of Rambo: the Video Game back in 2011 really made a lot of noise.

And it’s not that the trailer inspires confidence in the high quality of the project, especially considering the past creations of the poles from Teyon, entirely monstrous. However, a well-mounted trailer managed to put pressure on nostalgia and cloud the mind. And on the way out, the circled players got one of the worst examples of the rail shooter genre. And even the Golden rule “on fishless and cancer fish” failed to correct the situation of such a terrible contradiction, blown to smithereens by both critics and gamers.

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Perhaps few people remember that the project of the same name was in development in the early 2000s and was subsequently canceled in 2002, and was managed by Fox Interactive and Check Six Games. Looking at what happened at Gearbox Software, you can perceive it as nothing more than a call from the past that the game should definitely not be born. Trust in developers was severely undermined after the release of Duke Nukem Forever. But given the circles of production Hell that had been passed, Randy Pitchford and his company could get a discount. But not in the case of “Strangers”, given how often and for a long time he confessed his love for the franchise in numerous interviews.

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