Between the hammer and the anvil. Warcraft 3 Review: Reforged
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Best action games of 2020
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Best games for Nintendo Switch in 2020
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Best simulators of 2020

Extremely realistic games that allow you to become anyone — even a pilot, even a pigeon
In 2020, most gamers will become actors in the most important simulator — choosing the best new console and proving their point of view on the Internet. But real video game fans don’t care. We are talking about those who decided to read this article to find out if some Polish developer is preparing a continuation of the bum simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Release date: 2020
Developer: Asobo Studio
Platforms: PC, XBO
Most gamers know Microsoft as the publisher of the cult action movies Halo and Gears of War. But” flying in the clouds ” simulator fans know this company as the Creator of the no less legendary Flight Simulator series. Used as simulators for real pilots, franchise games have always struck with their realism and attention to detail. And the new version will not be an exception.

Thanks to modern technologies, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will depict all stages of the flight as plausibly as possible: from pre-training to landing. The developers promise a lot of detailed aircraft and hyperrealistic weather conditions — even the simulation of air flows will be exactly like in real life. Add to this detailed major cities of various countries, about 40 real airports, and you get a dream game for those who want to fly, but are not attracted to the earth.

Kerbal Space Program 2
Release date: 2020
Developer: Star Theory Games
Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4
Another flight simulator in our collection, but this time more fun and not as realistic as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. In Kerbal Space Program 2, players will once again have to take control of funny creatures — kerbals. Unlike the first part, the construction of the aircraft is not limited to.

The game will become more large-scale and complex, since now the kerbals need a space colony. The player’s tasks will include resource management, building construction, increasing the number of kerbals, and developing new parts for long-range space flights. The authors redesigned the interface, improved the graphics, added a lot of gameplay chips and plan to make the game no less successful than the original Kerbal Space Program.

Pigeon Simulator
Release date: 2020
Developer: Bossa Studios
Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4
2019 passed under the enthusiastic hum of gamers shouting HONK! HONK! HONK! All because the star of indie games and conqueror of the hearts of players was a simple goose-the main character of Untitled Goose Game. It is unknown whether the creators of Pigeon Simulator will be able to repeat the success of their colleagues. But you can be sure that they will try.

The developer of the pigeon simulator is the Bossa Studio, which is famous for simulations of a piece of bread (I am Bread) and a twitchy surgeon (Surgeon Simulator). The meaning of the game is simple: being a pigeon, you need to mess up the pathetic little people and eventually arrange a large-scale Apocalypse. And who said that games are not art?

Restaurant Flipper
Release date: early 2020
Developer: Movie Games S. A.
PC platform
We say “simulator” – we hear PlayWay. These guys from Poland are ready to give players what they can’t get because of their workload or other life priorities. Become a bum? You are welcome. A drug dealer? No questions at all. A Builder? It’s easy! Restaurant Flipper is the spiritual successor to House Flipper, a highly successful and fun Builder game. If in the last one it was necessary to return the apartments to the type of rough finish, and then create the interior of a dream, then in the new product of 2020 you will need to do the same, but with a restaurant.

Did you watch the program “at knifes” with chief Ivlev? He scolds the menu and interior, and then magically introduces a new kind of institution. Here’s Restaurant Flipper-almost the same, only you are the same poor hard worker who is not shown in the frame and makes repairs overnight.

Among Trees
Release date: early 2020
Developer: FJRD Interactive
PC platform
Cute on the outside, but brutal on the inside, the Among Trees survival simulator will send players into a dense forest. There they will have their own Bungalow and… nothing more. Everything else must be obtained and earned by hard work, hunting, studying, and surviving.

The gameplay of Among Trees is fairly standard — the player must survive various natural disasters and encounters with not very friendly animals. The main distinguishing feature of the game is its visualization. Developers play great with cold and warm tones, creating a picture that conveys the magical beauty of a dense forest, but at the same time-a sense of loneliness and frightening doom.

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