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Best action games of 2020

Games of the most popular genre will unfold to the fullest
Next year will be marked by the transition from the current generation of consoles to the next, so most of the games, if not all, will try to squeeze the latest juices from the Xbox One and PS4. Best of all, this transgression will be noticeable among the most popular genre of action games.

Half-Life: Alyx
Release date: March 2020
Developer: Valve
PC platform
What about Boreas? How many slug advisors will Mr. Freeman defeat with a tire iron? Did Eli die for nothing? Valve decided that it would be less interesting for players to know the answers to these questions than to spend 65 thousand rubles on a VR kit in order to fully enjoy the game for a thousand rubles. Valve decided not to develop the story of the silent physicist Gordon, but to switch attention to his girlfriend Alix Vance.

The game’s plot tells the story of the selfless struggle of Alix and her father Eli against the occupying forces of the Alliance and will unfold before the incomparable Gordon Freeman joined the resistance in Half-Life 2. The new Half-Life promises to make a revolution again, showing a hitherto unseen level of virtual reality. To demonstrate the true potential of gaming in the future, the main character will be equipped with some kind of gravity gloves, with which Alix will be able to solve puzzles, manage game objects and throw heavy stuff at Alliance soldiers and metrocopters.

Nioh 2
Release date: March 13, 2020
Developer: Team Ninja
Platforms: PS4
At the moment, not much is known about the game. This is a prequel to the original Nioh, set in 1500. Players will be able to choose their own hero to share their own body with the spirit of the yokai. This is a mutually beneficial symbiosis, because in return for living, the good spirit gives the warrior various abilities and skills that allow him to fight all sorts of demons and monsters on an equal footing.

For fights with particularly tenacious and persistent bosses, Aki players in Dark Souls will be able to call for help from friendly phantoms or start destroying representatives of the local menagerie in the company of two friends in cooperative mode.

Marvel’s Avengers
Release date: March 13, 2020
Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBO, Stadia
Managing an alternately friendly gang of Avengers, including the star-spangled Cap, Thor the Thunderer, the green strongman Hulk and other fans of doing good, we once again have to save the world from the terrorist organization A. I. M. and several more super-evil people who looked at the light. The developers promise both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer cooperative mode.

Not without the ubiquitous monetization, but Square Enix is cautious, promising to make all add-ons with locations and heroes completely free and charge players money only for any cosmetics.

Resident Evil 3
Release date: April 3, 2020
Developer: Capcom, M-Two
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBO
Although Capcom insists that Resident Evil 3 will be true to the original and will remain a horror in its traditional sense, we all know that the game will fall into the action genre. It can’t be otherwise, which is also evidenced by numerous leaks on the project. The action of the next remake will unfold in parallel with the events of Resident Evil 2. In the center of the story will be Jill Valentine and Carlos oliviera, who will have to escape from the dying under the onslaught of hordes of zombies raccoon city, simultaneously fighting off the shining white smile of the tyrant Nemesis.

Let it be known that the remake of the third part of Capcom has been quietly engaged for quite a long time and even intended to release it along with the second part, but because of too much work, it was decided to move it.

Last of Us Part 2
Release date: may 29, 2020
Developer: Naughty Dog
Platforms: PS4
Unsurpassed masters in the field of creating an exciting story and rich in detail worlds from the Studio Naughty Dog next year will give birth to the long-awaited sequel to The Last of Us. The plot this time tells the story of a grown-up and matured Ellie. Fate draws a 19-year-old girl into conflict with a mysterious cult that trades in murder and insane sermons.

Naughty Dog promises a more adult and violent story that will make you hate it for its atrocities. The Studio also immodestly claims that The Last of Us 2 will be the longest-running game of all that it has ever worked on; because of its scale, the developers even made the difficult decision to abandon the multiplayer component in order to focus more effort on the plot.

Dying Light 2
Release date: second quarter of 2020
Developer: Techland
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
The Polish Studio follows the beloved American principle of “just a little more”, promising fans of the original zombie sandbox a huge metropolis that is brutally divided by various warring factions pursuing personal interests.

Players will again try on the shoes of a parkour driver-an engineer who likes to beat people and infected with electric batons in the hope that the situation around will change for the better. Only this time the hero will face more existential questions, and the plot will make more than one dashing turn, dictated by the choice of the main character.

Skull and Bones
Release date: 2020
Developer: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
In Skull and Bones, players with Jolly Roger proudly flying at the mast will surf the Indian ocean in search of unlucky rookies who can be robbed and fed to sharks. Ubisoft just decided to turn the sea battles from Black Flag, so much liked by players, into a separate project with perudo and courtesans.

The player’s team will begin its ascent to glory on a leaky Longboat and eventually acquire more powerful vessels carrying several dozen large-caliber guns, mortars, and even missiles on Board. During the battle, captains will have to take into account the strength of the current, wind direction, and many other factors that affect the speed of the ship, the trajectory of projectile flights, and the ability to take the enemy ship on Board in order to save ammunition and the strength of their own ship.

Ghost of Tsushima
Release date: 2020
Developer: Sucker Punch
Platforms: PS4
One of the most ambitious and promising projects of the coming year, which is being worked on by the authors of the Infamous trilogy from the Sucker Punch Studio.

Ghost of Tsushima is set in 1274 on the island of Tsushima, ravaged by the Mongol Empire that invaded Japan. Players will take on the role of Jin, true to the traditions of the samurai, who will fight against an entire invading Horde, relying only on themselves and unusual tactics.

Psychonauts 2
Release date: 2020
Developer: Double Fine
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBO
The Psychonauts 2 action will unfold after the events of Rhombus of Ruin. Returning from a mission to the headquarters of the Psychonauts, the main character Once finds that with the absence of Lily Zanotto, the organization has moved away from peacekeeping and mental research to devote time to more Orthodox areas, including necromancy. Gameplay the sequel will not depart much from the ideas of the original, allowing the main character to explore the mental worlds of various citizens, using their extraordinary abilities, such as levitation, telekinesis or pyrokinesis.

Tim Shafer, the founder of Double Fine and part-time one of the creators of “Psychonauts”, said that the sequel will develop the ideas of the Raza family and its curses laid down in the original game.

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