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Gopro HERO8 Black review: the new benchmark for action cameras?

Testing a new camera and comparing it with the previous version
In 2019, GoPro has updated their flagship devices by releasing the eighth generation of the HERO cameras. We have studied the device, so we are ready to tell you how the new product differs from the previous version.

Old design with new features
Externally, the camera has not changed much: at first glance, you can not guess that you are looking at an updated model. But on closer examination, it becomes clear that the gadget has received several important features.

First, the platform with the camera now sticks out less from the body. However, the body itself has become a little wider and longer. Secondly, a hole with a microphone appeared under the sensor — now GoPro writes better surround sound.

Gopro HERO8 Black review: the new benchmark for action cameras?
Gopro HERO8 Black review: the new benchmark for action cameras?
But the main feature of the new device is the folding clamping rings, which can be used to fix the camera on a tripod or helmet. Previously, you had to wear an additional cover for this purpose, but now you can do without it. So it became a little more convenient to work with the device, because you can replace the flash drive and battery without removing the gadget from the tripod. In addition, there is protection from water and shock-the most “that” for outdoor activities.

New level of smoothness
The previous HERO7 did not have any problems with image stabilization, and in HERO8 it was pumped even more. The HyperSmooth 2.0 system now works in all shooting modes, even in 4K at 60 fps. for comparison, look at the same videos from last year’s and new cameras: you can see the difference immediately. On the “seven” image strongly shakes even when walking slowly.
If you record video in 1080p or 1440p, the difference will be less noticeable, but still the HERO8 takes precedence — the image from IT turns out a little smoother. In terms of shooting quality, the “eight” is also ahead: according to our feelings, it has higher detail (only slightly).

At the presentation, the manufacturers said that the new camera has the ability to change the level of stabilization. Like, it was added because some users were dizzy from the high smoothness. At first we did not find this item in the settings, but it turned out that we need to update the SOFTWARE — the function immediately appeared.

Different viewing angles
The owners of the” seven ” could choose between two modes of framing: wide and linear (the second simply cropped the image, removing the fish-eye effect). Now users have access to as many as four viewing angles – added narrow and ultra-wide. In General, there are more opportunities for photo and video shooting.

Gopro HERO8 Black review: the new benchmark for action cameras?
The most interesting mode is ultra — wide. With it, much more details are placed in the frame.

New regime
HERO8 has an interesting mode for shooting timewarp 2.0 timelaps. It differs from regular timelaps in that it can (and should) be used in motion-thanks to good stabilization. The camera itself selects the recording speed depending on the user’s movement and external lighting. In this case, you do not need to do anything yourself: the output turns out to be dynamic videos, as if they were processed in the editor. But this is not the case — for example, this video was edited by the device without our participation.

If the operator sees something interesting while recording a TimeWarp video, they can switch to the standard video recording and then return to the timelapse.

The new generation of GoPro has been pumped on all fronts. Manufacturers have improved the stabilization, which has become even smoother, and also works in all shooting modes. The camera has become a little easier to use thanks to the retractable rings, as well as additional framing modes – more opportunities for shooting. And it became easier to record timelaps.

If you choose between HERO7 and HERO8, it is more logical to take an updated model, since the difference in price will be only a few thousand rubles. But we don’t see much point in changing the “seven” to the “eight” — it’s unlikely that the new features are worth bothering with the secondary market (of course, if you don’t use GoPro every day).

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