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The most interesting secret endings in video games

Finding them yourself is a huge achievement!
In the days of 8 and 16-bit consoles, it was normal to shame a gamer for wanting to take the path of least resistance. And many games simply ended in the middle of the timekeeping in the case of choosing an easy difficulty level. Some developers went even further, forcing them to hone their skills for a long time and pass their creation on “hard”. Otherwise, you will not see the final level or a good ending. And very rare examples of games (mostly RPG) offered several finals depending on the conditions met, rather than just choosing the level of difficulty.

Everything changed with the arrival of the first PlayStation-this generation of consoles marked a new milestone in the development of games, and the presence of several finals has become a common practice. We have prepared for you a list of ten representatives of different eras, to get alternative endings in which you will have to sweat to some extent.

Death doesn’t suit her
The fatal beauty Mona Sachs was not destined for the best fate — to take a few grams of lead, shot in the back, and then die in the arms of a beloved man. Since the Max Payne series was already extremely dark and depressing, Sam lake decided to add a spoonful of honey and prepared an alternative ending for fans, in which the girl survives. To do this, you must complete the game at the maximum level of difficulty, called Dead on Arrival.

It is unlikely that in those years, gamers wondered which of the two endings should be considered canonical. However, in the third part, released many years later and without the participation of Remedy, it was based on a dramatic denouement. By the way, if you pass the first part at the same level of difficulty, you will get to the bonus level with a permanently activated slow mo.

Never-ending story
One of the key features of Shenmue is the ability to live in a virtual world. And although the timing was already artificially stretched in many ways, the gamer could stop investigating the murder of his father at any time and go to conquer the top of the table of records in arcade games, spend all the money on a soda or a slot machine. Or even loitering on the streets, which at the time of release really hit the quality of detail.

But, as it turned out in the future, if it is absolutely prohibitive to stretch the passage and hold out until a certain date, then one day the antagonist will come to the hero and kill him with one left. So that you understand — this is about 20-30 hours of “doing nothing” in each of the two games. Who would have thought it? However, there is still a way to force an alternative ending-it is enough to fail two very specific segments over and over again (the search for a warehouse in the docks in the first part and the QTE segment in the barbershop in the second), thereby forcing the game to quickly squander the date.

By the way, there is a similar ending in Shenmue 3, but it will be possible to speed up the onset of the desired date only when using the trainer. Fortunately, we now have YouTube.

Bad daddy
The third “Witcher” – a game not only epoch-making, but also quite long. If you grab all the orders and inspect each Bush, then the passage of the story can take 100 + hours. Not counting two large-scale additions. In addition, the game is notable for the implementation of non-linearity. It is rare to find banality in the spirit of “go right or left” – usually you face the consequences of the choice much later, when it would seem that nothing foretold trouble.

However, the fate of Ciri, the search for which the third part is devoted, is decided in the last few hours, and in a rather strange way. As it turned out, it is enough not to Pat the lady on the shoulder and play snowballs with her in order for the warrior who passed through fire and water to suddenly lose her morale and fail. Agree, it is too obvious choice, which is sure to shock those who do not like to make a lot of saves in the process of passing.

Meeting with the creators
Chrono Trigger is a cult role-playing game released during the decline of 16-bit platforms and dedicated to time travel. Well, just the perfect base for non-linearity! And indeed-despite the venerable age, the brainchild of Square was one of the first to offer gamers as many as 15 endings: one canonical and 14 additional ones.

The most difficult to get was the final called the Dream Project, which refers to the name of the team of five employees who developed the game. To get it, you will have to “just” kill the final boss almost at the very beginning of the game. As a reward, you will get a fairly creative example of breaking the fourth wall and will be able to chat with Dream Team members inside Chrono Trigger itself.

The reward for patience
We have already written about this unexpected ending in the material dedicated to the covers of games, but we will allow ourselves to repeat. Even if the developers put a hint in the box art itself, not everyone could guess that the game can be completed by simply waiting for the antagonist for 13 minutes of real time.

And say thank you to Ubisoft that Far Cry 4 came out in the era of the developed Internet. Otherwise, the disclosure of the secret would have taken place after publication in some game publication or official guide.

Even treasure hunters are envious
Just as all parts of Final Fantasy once represented completely complete and unrelated stories, the Suikoden series has always set the player the same goal: to find 108 stars that will help you change your destiny.

Thank you, of course, to the authors for the fact that the stars here are not tiny objects the size of a fruit, but NPCs. However, finding such a number of characters in an open world was extremely problematic in the bearded 90’s. But… you already understood where you could find a hint.

It’s hard to be a pacifist
And although the famous role-playing game Undertale is tied to the battles no less than the average representative of this genre, the developers decided to make the path of the peacemaker a prerequisite for getting a true ending.

In addition to the fact that you will not be able to kill your enemies, you will have to fulfill a dozen conditions of varying complexity, the full list of which can be read here.

And just being good isn’t easy either
In pursuit of the above example, you can remember the “survival” of This War of Mine. And although popular wisdom says that all means are good in war, the authors of the game had a different view of things. Therefore, even a box of supplies belonging to the homeless can cause censure.

So to get a better ending, you will have to forget not only about killing enemies, but also such temptations. Otherwise, the balance in assessing the moral qualities in the final will not tilt in your favor.

A lot not a little
The Shadow the Hedgehog platformer received pretty cool reviews from both critics and many players who did not appreciate the new dark style and clumsy action elements. And although time has shown that the developers will still be able to make it more painful for blue hedgehog fans, this does not negate the mediocre quality of the game.

But one thing the adventures of the anti-hero shadow are able to surprise even now is a truly gigantic number of forks. Here, too, a system of moral values is used, and if you destroy everyone right and left, history will move along the same path. And if you try to maintain neutrality, then in a different way. In addition, the set of missions for a particular level was different. Thus, in Shadow the Hedgehog, there was room for 326 paths. But whether it is worth it is a big question that we will not undertake to answer.

Sam Fisher is not enough for you
Nowadays, the presence of stealth elements in games no longer surprises anyone. Indeed, the ability to quietly eliminate the enemy allows you to save both time and ammunition. But if you go back 20 years at the time of the origin of the genre, the first of its representatives like Metal Gear Solid, Thief and, of course, Splinter Cell stealth was raised to the absolute, and was not an optional feature.

Apparently, these projects were inspired by the authors of Dishonored, since one of the finals can only be obtained if you pass everything on stealth and do not kill enemies. That’s really not an easy task.

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