Best games for Nintendo Switch in 2020
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How video games help the Chinese to survive the epidemic of coronavirus
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Devil May Cry-style icon!
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Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress

No more than 216 rubles
Although many products on the Chinese marketplace have risen in price recently, if you want, you can find decent lots for a penny. We have collected the most interesting options in the electronics section.

2-in-1 flash drive
An extremely useful device for two categories of people: owners of new MacBooks (starting from 2016) and owners of Android smartphones/tablets. The flash drive is suitable for both standard USB-a connectors and new-fangled USB-C. in Other words, it can be inserted into a regular PC, an Apple laptop, or a more or less recent phone — no adapters are needed.

Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress
The write speed is small (4-6 MB / s), but for such a low price will go — the 32 GB version costs only 178 rubles. If there is not enough space, you can pay 100 rubles and buy a 64 GB disk. There are eight different colors available.

Large mouse pad
Comfortable cute Mat that can be used at home or in the office. It shows a map of the world. The size of the smallest version is 250 x 300 x 2 mm. according to the manufacturers, thanks to the rubber base, the product does not slide on the table, so it should be convenient to roll the mouse on it.

Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress
The Mat is not afraid of water, besides it can be folded into a tube-it is convenient to carry from place to place. The simplest version costs 216 rubles, but there are still models with RGB lighting around the perimeter (the price starts from 700 rubles).

Protected case for iPhone
This seller has cases for all iPhone models, starting with the ” six “and ending with the newest “proshkami”. The accessory is made of high-quality rubber and hard plastic, so it is designed to protect the smartphone from falls. For convenience, a rotating finger ring is attached to the back.

Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress
All covers can be ordered for 189 rubles. There are six colors to choose from. Reviews are extremely positive.

Remote shutter control
Useful lot for Nikon camera owners. You can connect the wireless remote control to your device to take pictures remotely without touching the device. Powered by a single round battery, which is already included.

Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress
On AliExpress, the Chinese remote is sold for only 62 rubles — this is about 20 times less than the cost of the official device from Nikon. But the reviews say that there is almost no difference between the original and the copy.

Magnetic charging cable
The cable is convenient because it is suitable for most mobile devices equipped with microUSB, USB Type-C or Lightning connectors. According to customers, the magnet holds up well, so it doesn’t fall off during use. Among the bonuses – support for fast charging, nylon braid (good strength) and an led indicator.

Very cheap gadgets and accessories from AliExpress
The price is from 150 rubles for the cable and 40-60 rubles for additional connectors.

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