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Digest of the best gadgets in January

Robots, smartphones, TVs and laptops
In the first month of the year, manufacturers traditionally present many new gadgets. The fact that in early January, the consumer electronics show CES is held-hence the huge number of technological announcements. We have selected the most interesting devices, which we will tell you about.

“I don’t need your clothes»
A Russian startup presented an anthropomorphic Android with the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger-apparently, the face of the Hollywood actor was chosen out of love for the Terminator movie series. Although the robot does not know how to shoot enemies, it can work as an office assistant — it is able to process customer requests, connect to a smart home, and even tell jokes. In General, a voice assistant with a familiar human face.
Siglov Freudivan
Android Arnold Schwarzenegger debuts at CES that can field questions and mimic human expressions http://dlvr.it/RMhjyQ

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6:03 AM-Jan 9, 2020
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The developers note that the cost of an Android called Robo-C starts from 25 thousand dollars. At the same time, the startup can provide customers with a robot with any appearance.

Without a frame
The trend of reducing the borders around the screen is relevant not only in smartphones and laptops, but also in TVs. On this wave, Samsung rolled out the virtually frameless q5000ts TV, which has a display that occupies 99 percent of the front panel. The thickness of the model is also minimal — only 15 mm.

Among other features, IT is worth noting the qled matrix with a resolution of 8K. there is also support for artificial intelligence, which improves the image of medium quality to high resolution.

The first foldable
No folding screens in January, too, did not do. One of the most interesting new products with a flexible display is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. In fact, this is a 13.3-inch tablet that can be bent half, turning it into a kind of laptop.

The OLED display resolution is 2048 by 1536 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio). A custom processor from Intel is responsible for the operation of the system. While it is difficult to say how comfortable it will be to use an unusual device on a daily basis — there is an assumption that it is unlikely to replace a standard laptop. Especially when you consider the rather big cost of $ 2499 at the start. But in any case, the technology is interesting.

360 Hertz
ASUS showed the ROG Swift 360 gaming monitor: the last digits in the model name indicate the highest refresh rate. This is almost twice as fast as on standard devices. What does this give gamers? Dynamic scenes are redrawn as quickly as possible, so you can react to what is happening instantly (especially important for eSports players).

The 24.5-inch monitor was developed in conjunction with NVIDIA, so its proprietary G-Sync technology is supported here. But there are also disadvantages: the screen resolution is only 1080p — not enough for modern toys. Apparently, the manufacturers had to sacrifice something for the sake of a 360 Hz refresh rate.

Smartphone with tinting
As the name suggests, the OnePlus Concept One is a concept smartphone. It is presented only to show the world the new technologies of the Chinese from OnePlus. In particular, the main feature of the new product is the glass on the back cover, which can be darkened. This function is needed to cover the sensors of the camera.

The technology has not only a cosmetic function, but also a functional one. For example, you can use sensor dimming as a light filter if you are shooting in a large amount of light. The manufacturers have not yet told about the other chips of the smartphone — it is not a fact that it will ever go on sale. But its achievements will definitely be used in future devices of the company.

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Digest of the best gadgets in January
Robots, smartphones, TVs and laptops In the first month of the year, manufacturers traditionally present many new gadgets. The fact that in early January, the consumer electronics show CES is…


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