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Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14

Candy won’t work
Valentine’s day is already close — this means that it’s time to buy (or at least choose) gifts for your significant other. We have collected the most interesting devices that will suit both girls and guys.

Electric toothbrush
What is good about an electric brush? The fact that it is much more effective in cleaning teeth from plaque. We can say this not only from the results of numerous studies, but also from our own experience. It’s funny, but some models even have support for artificial intelligence — the app on your smartphone shows how carefully a person has brushed their teeth and in which places it would not hurt to go through the brush again.

Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14
On sale, you can find very cheap models (for example, Xiaomi Mijia Sonic for 1000 rubles on AliExpress), and if funds allow-there are top-end brushes from Oral-B (the most fancy GeniusX costs about 15 thousand rubles). Well, in the average price segment, you can look at Philips (for 5 thousand rubles, two sets of brushes are sold).

Wireless headphone
If your significant other still comes with a wired headset, give her a wireless one. Believe me, you will not want to go back to the wire after them.

Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14
Almost any “ears”are suitable for Android smartphones. You can take cheap Xiaomi Mi AirDots — they have a good sound, especially if you take into account the low cost (about 1000 rubles for Ali). Elari Nanopods Sport is a couple of thousand more expensive: they have moisture protection, so you can even swim in the pool in Them. If you need active noise reduction, then the Sony WF-1000XM3 will do: they are quite bulky, but they immerse you in complete silence.

Well, for iPhone owners, everything is standard: there are either regular AirPods for 11-12 thousand rubles, or improved AirPods Pro for 21 thousand rubles. Also note that any other headphones listed above will also work for Apple smartphones.

Fitness tracker
This is not only a cute bracelet, but also a useful device for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Modern trackers are able to measure the pulse, count steps and calories spent. With the bracelet, you can read notifications and even at least view mail. But its main advantage is that you need to charge the device no more than once a week.

Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14
Well, the price of the device is very low (which is good for a gift). The latest models from Xiaomi and Huawei / Honor can be taken for only one and a half to two thousand rubles.

The reader is a great gift for those who like to read books from a smartphone. Screens on electronic ink are less harmful to the eyes, because they are similar to ordinary paper publications. And one full charge is enough for almost a month of active use. Well, the built-in memory allows you to download as many books as you are unlikely to master in a lifetime.

Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14
One of the most budget options is the Digma E61M, which can be purchased for about 4,000 rubles. For 7000 rubles, you can take a minimalistic PocketBook 614 Plus. Well, the top model Onyx BOOX EUCLUD with a large screen and built-in backlight is sold for 25,000 rubles. But it’s worth it.

Wireless charging
This gift will appeal to those who have a smartphone with a glass case — most modern flagships support wireless charging. To start the process, just put the phone on the platform. Energy recovery is slightly slower than the standard method, but this option is ideal for night recharging the battery.

Gifts with love. Best cheap gadgets for February 14
The choice on the market is huge: Nilkin, Mophie, Baseus, Samsung and dozens of other brands of devices. You can choose by price/design — you can’t go wrong.

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