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Ten ridiculous game myths that gamers believe in

When the joke went too far
In the era of the dashing nineties, when gaming journalism was in its infancy, and the Internet was not developed as it is now, it was easy to hang noodles on the ears of the audience. What is characteristic is that the hotbed of rumors was often not overly creative players, but magazine editors, who obviously tried to warm up interest in their publications in this way. We decided to dig deep into history and prepared for you ten of the most striking rumors that stirred gaming minds during the information famine.

Lost in translation
In Street Fighter 2, Ryu’s phrase, uttered after defeating an opponent, sounded like this: “You can’t beat me until you learn how to resist sho ryu”. – the localizers did not understand that it was about the famous Shoryuken technique and made a literal translation for the Western version. As a result, the legend of the character Sheng Long was born. In the editorial offices of the game magazines of that time, tons of letters were showered with a request to clarify the situation. And while some threw up their hands or refuted this information, employees of the wildly popular at that time electronic Gaming Monthly publication decided to win back overly persistent readers and gave out material dedicated to the” secret ” hero.

In order to clash with Shen long, gamers had to go through all the circles of Hell, namely: get to the final boss without taking damage, and then stand against him for ten rounds, also without getting in the face a single time and without hitting Byson. After that, the hero of the occasion had to jump out from the edge of the screen, kick glavgadu and start a fight with you.

Despite the absurdity of the conditions, against which a different boss-fight in Dark Souls 3 will seem like a party in Bejeweled, people bought it. Perhaps the reason for this is a realistic-looking fake screenshot at the time. But the fact that it was published in April and the bar at the bottom of the page with a call to send your own versions of April fools ‘ jokes did not confuse anyone. Therefore, the information was quickly picked up by other publications, without bothering to verify the authenticity of the secret or ask permission from the EGM. It got to the point that the Chinese company Jademan Comics placed the hero on the pages of a comic book released based on the game. In the end, the magazine had to publish a retraction in December of the same year in 1992.

It’s funny that five years later, the editors repeated the prank, introducing Shen long as the secret hero of Street Fighter 3. This time, the draw was approached more thoroughly, coming up with a whole background, drawing art and giving six screenshots instead of two. However, this time the people did not buy it, which is quite strange-later you will understand why. But in the fourth part of the game, the character Goken appeared, inspired by the fiction about Shen long.

I’m not a bug — I’m a ninja Ermak
Another oldest urban legend from the world of games was born thanks to the debug menu in the arcade version of Mortal Kombat. The word ERMACS is nothing more than an abbreviated phrase Error Macros, indicating an error in the program code. It was also allegedly found in the table of records, which gave rise to rumors about the second (after the Reptile) secret character.

However, the effect of the exploding bomb was produced by a letter from a certain Tony Casey, published in the aforementioned electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. In it, the guy told about how he won the fight for johnny cage from his friend, without receiving damage in any of the rounds and using only punches. Then, to the surprise of both of them, a red ninja named Ermac appeared on the screen and quickly kicked Tony’s ass. By “happy coincidence” the guy had a Polaroid with him, so he attached a photo of questionable quality to his letter.

Ten ridiculous game myths that gamers believe in
Since the magazine will later become a real Mecca for such “jaundice”, we can assume that the fake letter was made by the editorial staff. Later, the baton was picked up by regular players, who were baiting stories that Ermak appears in the place of Scorpio as a result of a bug that repaints the suit and replaces the name in the health scale. In response, Midway even placed a message in the sequel that was shown after the game-CEAMR ODSE NTO EXITS, which stands for Ermac does not exist.

Ultimately, the developers decided to capitalize on this legend and made Ermak a full-fledged character who debuted in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. By the way, a similar way was born and the girl Scarlet, rumors about the existence of which went since the second part of the game. Say, because of the bug, Kitana’s suit was painted red. Later, when the character debuted under the guise of DLC for MK sample 2011, ed Boone denied this information.

Tomb seducer
An athlete, Komsomol member and tomb raider named Lara Croft became one of the first female characters with a vividly emphasized sexuality. Since the average gamer of those years is a teenager at the stage of puberty, rumors about the possibility of undressing Madame using a cheat code spread much earlier than the infamous Nude Raider modification, where the heroine appeared before the player in what her mother gave birth to.

It’s funny that Eidos even tried to sue the owners of sites that were engaged in the distribution of not only the fashion itself, but even screenshots from it. In our time, porn sites on such things already seem to care for a long time, so nude patches for games (including with the participation of Lara) are released with enviable regularity.

Ten ridiculous game myths that gamers believe in
The crossover that didn’t exist
This time, the owners of Resident Evil 2 fell victim to prank, who were asked to open a secret character who migrated here directly from the Street Fighter series-Akuma. To get access to a brutal warrior,” all you had to do was go through all four scenarios six times to rank A, using only a knife and a gun. And during the seventh pass — enter the word AKUMA instead of GUEST in the computer located in the laboratory “Umbrella”. The article also said that Akuma does not need weapons, since he prefers to incinerate enemies with fireballs. In addition, all the doors in the game open in front of him without any keys.

Given how much time and effort this trick required, I don’t even want to imagine what curses players could brand the publication’s employees for this seemingly creative joke.

Ten ridiculous game myths that gamers believe in
In the second half of the 90’s, the topic of conspiracy was in great demand in the world of cinema, as evidenced by only “Men in black” and “Secret materials”. Apparently, the trust of overly impressionable citizens and decided to take advantage of someone who invented the legend of Polybius. Information about this slot machine has been added to the database February 6, 2000. The description showed that in 1981, several arcade cabinets were installed in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Polybius caused strong psychoactive effects and gaming addiction in gamers, and government employees periodically visited the hall to collect statistics for further analysis.

American journalist Brian Danning suggested that this legend was born in the first place due to the early version of the game Tempest, which really could lead to epileptic seizures, migraines and nausea due to the features of the graphic design. The presence of “people in black” is due to the fact that the owners of the halls were suspected of organizing gambling. Although there is still no reliable fact that confirms the existence of Polybius, this urban legend managed to leave a bright legacy.

For example, a slot machine with a game can be seen in one of the Simpsons series, and the infamous AVGN released a story with its own investigation, which eventually rolled into the traditional satire for the show. Note also that based on the rumors, several fan-made video games were released — in particular, for the Atari 2600 and, you won’t believe it, the PS4.

The Resurrection Of Iris
The death of the Final Fantasy 7 heroine was a real shock for fans. Even many years later, this moment is still considered one of the most dramatic in the history of video games. In such a situation, to put pressure on the psyche of overly compassionate players and make them believe in the possibility of resurrecting a favorite-what could be easier? And if you look up the forum archives of the early 2000s, you can find many bizarre ways to bring iris back to life. At some point, this “duck” bothered even Square itself, after which the character designer Tetsuya Nomura denied the rumors as part of a large material dedicated to the creation of the game and printed in EDGE magazine.

In our country, where the Internet at that time was only available to a select few, the false resurrection became known thanks to readers ‘letters published in the “Great Dragon” and “country of Games” with a note from the editorial Board: “We refuse to believe it” And a few years later, someone from the fan group decided once again to throw a stone in the garden of fraudsters-hypozhors and gave birth to a very humorous text. In addition, the phrase Aeris Dies later became a forum meme, indicating that the main (or at least one of them) hero of the game, film or other work will die.

Just don’t show it to the Hindus

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