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New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse

We are testing new additions in the model range of a well-known manufacturer
It seems that the new fashion trend among manufacturers of gaming peripherals is wireless devices. Right before the New year, we managed to get brand-new Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed and Razer Nari Ultimate overwatch Lucio Edition kits, which we spent all the holidays with. And even a little more.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed
Technical feature:
Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology Razer 5g advanced optical sensor
Built-in DPI memory
Razer optical switch
6 programmable buttons
Price: 4 990 rubles
Basilisk, in my opinion, is one of the most successful Razer mice. This is a super-ergonomic version for right-handers, inspired by the iconic Logitech G502. Model from Razer is virtually identical to its form. Razer designers have shortened the length by as much as 12 mm compared to the ideological progenitor, so that the mouse sits in the hand as if poured. In addition, according to Razer standards, Basilisk is not the most expensive device. Razer Basilisk Essential with backlight can be purchased for three thousand rubles. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed — the same Basilisk, but devoid of wires. This is not the only loss: the mouse lost its RGB backlight and an additional “sniper” button. In other respects it is identical to the original.

New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
The manufacturer claims about 285 hours of operation without additional charging in the 2.4 GHz communication mode and up to 450 hours in the Bluetooth mode. No built-in battery will allow you to achieve such colossal operating times, so Basilisk X Hyperspeed runs on AA batteries. One of these comes with the device and is inserted under the removable “hood”. A compact USB receiver is also stored there. after connecting it to an empty slot, the mouse immediately starts working. The review was delayed because I really wanted to check whether the battery really lives that long.

On the Energizer battery from the kit, the mouse lived from December 20 to January 16, and has not yet been discharged. During this time, I managed to play about 50 hours in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, not counting the daily use as the main manipulator on my PC. An Energizer AA battery costs an average of about 50 rubles apiece — it seems to me that this is a low fee to save yourself from the hassle of constantly recharging from the cable.

New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
By the way, Hyperspeed is not just a beautiful prefix to the name, but a marketing title for Razer wireless technology. It provides minimal input latency, which allows you to use this device even in competitive games. The effect is provided by intelligent channel switching: the mouse always uses the most unloaded one. Casual gamers can use the device in the format of normal Bluetooth operation — this will increase its working life by one and a half times on one cheek of the switch on the bottom. By the way, it is for these very reasons that the device is deprived of RGB-illumination: autonomy is our everything.

A little about pricing policy. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed in the West costs $60, that is ~3600 rubles. In Russia, due to transport taxes, retail margins and other pricing tricks, this $60 turned into five thousand rubles. Roughly speaking, the price of this mouse is one AAA game. Only it will not serve you as an example for longer. Therefore, to talk about a high price in this case is simply incorrect — we can only complain that we live in Russia.

Design and ergonomics
Build quality
Easy to connect and use
Not detected
New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
Razer Nari Ultimate Overwatch Lucio Edition
Technical feature:
Razer HyperSense Vibration Response
Spatial audio THX Spatial Audio
Ear pads filled with cooling gel material
Wireless communication without delays
Game/chat volume balance
Price: 16,990 rubles
Unlike the budget Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed mouse, the Nari Ultimate is one of the most expensive headsets in the Razer range. It costs 16,999 rubles, which automatically makes it a device for wealthy enthusiasts, but not for the mass gamer. The recently released Overwatch Lucio Edition, painted in the colors of the team shooter hero from Blizzard, came to our test. What is the reason for the high price of the Nari Ultimate? The fact is that this is in many ways a unique and experimental device, which has no analogues on the market.

New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
In addition to high-quality sound, the Razer Nari Ultimate headset provides tactile feedback through vibration. That is, the ear cups are naturally embedded with vibration motors specially designed for this headset, which begin to “buzz” when the device plays a low-frequency sound.

The vibration is very soft and pleasant, it is an unusual complement to any music track that relies on “bass”. In the same way, this effect works in games: for example, when playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Nari Ultimate emphasized the vibration of the hooves of the horse on which I moved around the world. At first, this is surprising, but over time, you simply get used to the unusual effect. And later, you can even learn how to use it properly: for example, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps in network shooters will immediately be emphasized by a vibration response. Nari Ultimate will warn you about the danger ahead of time.

New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
Best of all, this innovative feature is revealed in games and when watching movies or TV series. In the case of music, everything is not so rosy: the headphones will “buzz” just smoothly, which is why the effect is very quickly tiring. And you can’t disable it separately: it is activated when a certain volume threshold is reached. If you want to listen to music without vibration, you will have to reduce the sound level.

Another interesting point: the effect of vibration is known to be transmitted to solid surfaces. Therefore, as a wearer of glasses, I experienced the fullness of the vibration response not only on the ears, but also on the nose. It feels strange.
The huge size of the headphone cups had to pay for this innovation — they are truly colossal in size. However, the headset is convenient to use: thanks to the movable elements, the cups turn 90 degrees, so they will adjust themselves to any situation. On the other hand, you should not twist your head too much when wearing it: due to inertia and heavy weight, the headphones noticeably shift after each intensive turn. But they just have excellent sound insulation.

There is also a fun feature in the control elements. They are located on the left Cup of the headphones: here you can adjust the sound level and turn off the microphone. In addition, you can additionally adjust the volume level between the chat and the game: a separate “wheel”is provided for this. In Windows, a headset is defined as two different devices: one for playing games and the other for chatting. In the settings of the communication channel, you need to set the version for the chat, after which the voice volume of your partners can be configured separately from the game on the fly.

New items from Razer: Nari vibration headphones and Basilisk wireless mouse
The headphones are connected to the system using a USB receiver similar to the one in Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed. Charging takes place using a USB cable, and this will have to be done once every eight hours — that is, about once a day or two. The headphones have the possibility of analog connection using the Jack 3.5 cable, but this way they lose surround sound and the effect of vibration feedback — the main feature that makes the device interesting to the buyer.

In General, the Razer Nari Ultimate is a truly unique device: the market simply can’t offer a different headset with a vibration response effect. The effect really gives the feeling of the game an additional level of depth of immersion. Another thing is that such a function will not” go ” to everyone, and not everyone will be ready to pay such a sum for it.

Great sound
Easy and convenient to use
Separate game and chat volume settings
Unique vibration feedback effect
Very massive
Very expensive
The microphone is not of the best quality
PostScript: Razer Goliathus medium overwatch Lucio Edition Mat
As a bonus, check out this trendy print with Lucio on the classic micro-textured Goliathus rug from Razer.

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