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Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?

Let’s evaluate the main show of children of the nineties from the heights of 2020
Why did we even mention the Rangers? Recently released Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid-a fighting game based on the cult TV show, the first seasons of which were enthusiastically watched by all Russian children born in the nineties. Growing up, we decided to watch this series again, and now our life will not be the same. He doesn’t look cool — he looks stupid. Every scene and every line evokes Spanish shame — or cringe, as it is fashionable to say now.

First, let’s remember who the power Rangers are. These are five teenagers donning spandex suits to protect Earth from alien invaders. Local villains land on the planet of monsters that get hit with a turntable, and then grow to giant size. Rangers gather in no less than a giant robot to win the final victory.

This formula perfectly describes almost every episode of a TV show that can’t be taken seriously. Ranger suits are the least like reliable armor and simply look ridiculous. As well as plastic masks of villains who barely open their mouths, they are suitable for children’s matinees, but not for serious combat fiction.

With the mechs that are controlled by the heroes, everything is even worse: they look good, merged into a Megazord-a combat robot-Voltron. Separately, mechanical giants in the form of dinosaurs are similar to very large, but sedentary plastic toys. Just look at the cars of the yellow and black Rangers: their saber-toothed tiger and mammoth barely mince their feet. Is this racism?

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
Local battles and setting action scenes-to match everything else. Stuntmen do not give their best and lightly touch each other: God forbid they will really hit! The result is predictable: the attacks resemble flip flops, and a fight — a friendly Pat.

So out of touch with life that it’s fantastic!
The villains, robots, and kung fu-style fights that clung to us as children now look unconvincing. The same applies to scenes from everyday life and how the characters behave in the intervals between saving the Earth. The problems are not even in the acting, which has suffered from a rushed schedule and poor conditions on set, but in the script itself.

For example, two local hooligans, named in the Russian version Thick and Thin, are constantly digging up five heroes who are secretly saving the Earth. It would seem that the school rednecks behave like this, if not for one thing: they usually humiliate the weak omezhek, but not the rich. In addition, the characters are skilled in martial arts, can stand up for themselves and walk in a crowd. This is the worst target for bullying, which only you can imagine!

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
Do you know modern cartoons with thoughtful dialogues and life situations? Like Adventure Time, Gravity falls, and Steven’s universe?

The power Rangers are the exact opposite.

The eighties say Hello
At the same time, the show works according to the most primitive laws of cartoons, where villains give birth to one stupid plan after another. Even as a child, we resented how they repeated the same mistakes and did not try to learn from them at all. Because of this, the vast majority of episodes turn into Groundhog day. Another Lord of darkness sends only one henchman to Earth, who loses to a well-coordinated team of Rangers. It plays twice: first in a small form, then in a large one.

Having looked at the show with a Mature eye, we understand why our parents called it stupid. It really resembles a child with delayed development: according to all canons, this is a series from the eighties, and it was shown in the nineties and noughties.
The dialogue, situations, and morals of” Rangers “correspond to “alpha”, “Saved by the Bell” , and other sitcoms from thirty years ago. This corresponds to the scenery with costumes. The series was hopelessly outdated even before it appeared. We just didn’t notice it, being the most inexperienced of the audience — children.

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
Through the eyes of a child
Here you might think that we have destroyed the show. That it was terrible, and that the children only watched it because they had not yet developed a sense of taste and adult sanity. But this is not quite true. The Power Rangers have a style that can’t be taken away. This is a thick hodgepodge, where ingredients are mixed that are familiar and pleasant to every boy. It is not only fights in the style of kung fu and monsters the size of Godzilla. At the heart of “Rangers” – the idea of superheroics: five ordinary guys with pure hearts get superpowers. Reincarnating in them, they not only become stronger, faster, more resilient, but also claim to control the elements, extrasensory and other, cooler abilities.

26 seasons, 20 years, and 820 episodes: on American television, “Rangers” earned the impressive regalia of the second longest-running story show. Heroes in spandex were second only to the absolute king of the airwaves — “the Simpsons”.
With great force comes responsibility: Rangers must keep their identities secret. In addition, all cool weapons and mechs are armor that combine into a large robot (add to the references of Transformers and Voltron!), are used only for good. And most importantly, all this is a barrier, protective means, they are not for attack! To ensure that the children do not forget the rules of the game and stick to the right path, they are guided by a wise mentor and his clumsy assistant.

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
Luke, I’m your father!
Superheroics and their cliches are always popular, so it’s not surprising that the show uses them. What else do children love as much as the Avengers in tights and raincoats? Unless only “Star Wars” or, in other words, space fiction. And her in the Power Rangers-with a vengeance. Moreover, this motif manifests itself from the first seconds, when the hapless astronauts release Rita Repulsa. An intergalactic invader serving Emperor Zed tried to conquer Earth 10,000 years ago, but failed. Now it’s time for a rematch.

With a galaxy far, far away, the series is related not only to the presence of lore, but also to the drama of the characters. The fact is that the title of Rangers is not fixed forever. The composition of the team changes due to different circumstances, and some heroes come to replace others. And so on again, until the plot turns into Santa Barbara, which creates new stories from old ones. It turns out to be a drama for Junior high school students.

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
For example, many will remember the epic with the green Ranger from the first season. His name was Tommy Oliver, and at first he was evil: Rita Repulsa recruited him and gave him power by subjugating him. Tom was ordered to destroy the five heroes, in which he almost succeeded: even penetrated their headquarters, disabled the mentor-Zordon and uploaded the virus to the droid-assistant “alpha-5”. Super-schoolboy almost wiped out the entire city where the team of teenagers lives, but they still overcame him.

What happened to Oliver after that? Remorse and redemption in the role of the sixth Ranger, whose appearance will now become a separate intrigue of the series. If you thought that this was the end of Tommy’s misadventures, then how could you not! Next, he will lose his power, disappear, return as a new, white ninja Ranger, become a leader and later even a mentor for one of the roasters.

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
In General, the writers understood how to make their work important, despite its stupidity and pretentiousness. Enter long, dramatic arches of characters, cut them off at the right time, then return them as a reference, pleasant for “old”. Or even a full-fledged crossover between different seasons.

Note that “Power Rangers” thought of this long before the superhero movies, whose cinematic universes now bring in millions of dollars.
Lazy error correction
Unfortunately, neither mythology nor drama, neither style do not cure the main problems of the show. Although it would seem that “Rangers” have been released for a quarter of a century. This time is enough to turn the baby into a fully adult independent person. But the series is not far from the nursery: except for the senior group of kindergarten.

Power Rangers: why did we watch this stuff?
In order for the Power Rangers to be perceived differently, they needed a major overhaul. The creators of the show did not make it and only slightly updated the interior, leaving old holes and cracks gaping in their places. The show and its events are still out of touch, and the costumes of the heroes and villains are ridiculous. And it is still impossible to look at it without laughing.

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