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Best games for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Main projects for the main portable console
Nintendo products are a strange thing. It would seem, well, how many years has Switch been available to everyone? Everyone who wanted it bought it long ago. But no, just last month we saw another record: during the discount week, the console sold about 800,000 units. In General, this is about 17.5 million consoles sold in the United States. But this is all lyrics, and what is there for games?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Release date: March 20, 2020
A new part of the series was planned for this year, but something did not work out. The game takes place on a desert island, where you need to build your settlement from scratch. Another important innovation is the crafting system. For the first time, players will be able to collect stones and sticks to build something of their own. Another important thing for fans of the series: finally, it will bring to mind the multiplayer. Now on one island, you can hang out with a crowd of 8 people — and, both through the network and on the locale, connecting to the console.

Gods and Monsters
Release date: February 2020
From the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! That is to say, from Ubisoft Quebec. This is an Action Adventure about a hero who has to save the Greek gods from a certain misfortune — they were not able to cope with it themselves. Surely you will remember the kind word of the old man Kratos, when you fight off the vile harpies and other devils from Greek mythology on the way to the giant Typhon, who in one movement swept away all the inhabitants of Olympus. For nothing, that Gods and Monsters will soon release, and special information on the gameplay is not yet given to us: it is known that as you progress through the main character will open new powers, given by the gods, that it looks great and that it will cost about 3000 rubles in EGS. And how much for the Switch version is not yet clear.

DOOM Eternal
Release date: March 20, 2020
Once we were surprised by the idea that a game like DOOM could appear on the Nintendo console. Today on Switch you can find both the first game of the series, which is already played on toasters, and the 2016 version of the release. And next year, DOOM Eternal will also appear. What is there to talk about? We have a very simple opinion: the more games in the series are presented on all existing consoles around us, the better. Who said that on the same device can not simultaneously exist PvP-games about milking a cow and a shooter about the invasion of the infernal hordes, called to our world using the portal on Mars? This is 2019, everything is possible here.

Deadly Premonition 2: a Blessing in Disguise
Release date: 2020
In short, the Deadly Premonition series is a kind of “twin Peaks” from the world of video games. The main character, FBI agent Francis Morgan, is investigating a murder in the city of Greenvale. Everything would be fine, but there is a lot of incomprehensible devilry going on, and the agent himself is not exactly an ordinary person. In addition to the most complicated plot, a large number of otherworldly nonsense and search for clues at the bottom of the river, the game has a high degree of freedom: the city is open, days change nights, the main character must be fed and washed, rented cars must be refueled. In General, this is a mixture of Tamagotchi and detective-Thriller. In the second part, according to official information, everything will be about the same. But there is also an important difference: York is being interrogated, and the gameplay in the role of this character is available in the form of flashbacks about the investigation of a serial murder. If you like everything written above, we hasten to warn you: the first part received approximately 70 points on Metacritic.

Release date: 2020
You must have been confused by the name. After all, this is not a very popular comic book in Russia, and the game of the same name was released as early as 2003. Not the most original story told the story of the first issues of the comic book, in which the main character with complete amnesia wakes up in an unfamiliar place, and from the clues he only has a tattoo on his hand. Then there will be a lot of shooting and more questions. Let’s not spoilerize, let’s just say that the game really needed a sequel very much. So imagine our surprise when it turned out that the XIII model of 2020 will only be a remake.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore
Release date: January 17, 2020
It is difficult to adequately describe this role-playing game. But since this is one of the few exclusives in our list, we will use terminology that is clear to Switch owners.

First, the game is developed by Atlus. That’s saying a lot, isn’t it? In essence, it is a crossover between SMT (Rather, it is “Person”) and Fire Emblem, from the first taking the main gameplay, and from the second-part of the universe, the system of leveling heroes and some other elements. In General, it can be safely recommended to everyone who is looking forward to the DLC for Persona 5. On one condition, of course: you didn’t have this game on the Wii U, because it’s a remake.

No More Heroes 3
Release date: 2020
Goiti Suda and Grasshopper Interactive are very significant names in the gaming industry. They are usually expected to be some kind of bloody game. Well, the No More Heroes series is no exception. To fully experience this, just remember the name of the main character (Travis Touchdown) and the name of his hometown (Santa Destroy).

In short, if you like jokes in the style of the Saints Row series, really want it on Switch and are ready to tolerate the incredible pathos of Travis — the last hero of the Earth, opposing the Horde of alien invaders-you are in luck.

Digimon Survive
Release date: 2020
Even if you’ve never heard of the Digimon series, it’s very easy to guess what it is. And, most likely, your assumption is fundamentally wrong. This is not a pathetic parody of Pokemon, but quite a living and independent world that, as it happens, works almost on the same rules as Pokemon. And it’s called consonant. But this is an independent franchise!

There is a difference in the gameplay (Digimon combat gameplay is a full-fledged turn-based tactic), and in the General approach to the relationship with the player. If Pokemon even in 2019 believes that you still wear short shorts and a baseball cap with the visor back, then Digimon is not afraid to kill characters, hang on the shoulders of the player saving the world, and so on. In short, look closely.

Bayonetta 3
Release date: 2020
This is already from the category of wet fantasies: if all the games listed above have at least an approximate release date, then we do not know anything specific about Bayonetta. Not that we were particularly happy with new information after the announcement in 2017. But there is reason to hope that the game will be released in 2020. And we hope. Bayonetta is one of the main Nintendo exclusives that should be released on the current generation of consoles, so we are putting on an early announcement of the release date.

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