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We remember the wild pirate dubbing of old games

“Voiced by professional actors»
In 2020, gamers are excited about professional dubbing of games. Whole teams of famous actors are engaged in voicing, giving out the product at the level of dubbed movies. However, a couple of decades ago, everything was completely different — the official localization of video games could be counted on the fingers. This was the heyday of pirated translations.

The early 90’s, among other things, opened up a whole new world of video games for young and not very young people. Yes, some guys used to feel quite good on Soviet computers and just emerging clones of ZX Spectrum, but the mass of computer games began to get closer to the middle of the decade. But just getting the game, copying it, and distributing it wasn’t enough. And although entertainment-hungry gamers were ready to sweep anything off the shelves (just remember the numerous cartridges for Dendy in Japanese), the language barrier still played a role. People were hungry for localizations.

The acute lack of licensed products was more than compensated for by entire creative artels of pirates, who mercilessly practiced either in wit, or simply trolled hapless buyers. Although the final result of the voice-over by ” professional actors “was strikingly different from the original idea of the game developers, some examples of this” creativity ” entered the name of their creators in the Museum of video game history.

Warning: some videos below contain obscene language
Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the masterful localization of Kingpin: Life of Crime by Fargus. This is exactly the case when the abundant use of obscene vocabulary makes the game only better.

Just look at how masterfully the actors get into the image, and how pale the original looks after this extravaganza.

Agree, there is still something magical about Russian folk Mat, especially when it looks so organic in a game developed in the United States.

This translation became so popular that other pirate offices tried to convince a potential buyer that their voice acting is better than the “Fargus” itself! But you and I know they were wrong.

No less famous was the voice-over of “Fargus” of the 1999 unreal Tournament competitive shooter. As they say, “Tanya bent down, in the f * * e axe. The Indian Yegor throws accurately.”

The cult thief simulator Thief 2: the Metal Age in narrow circles, thanks to the company “7th wolf”, also managed to find a piece of Russian flavor. It is not clear exactly what guided the voice actors, giving conditional medieval European guards Caucasian flavor. But it turned out well.

In General, foreign accents are almost impossible to adapt when localizing, and in our time, when any carelessly thrown word can ignite conflicts on racial grounds, even more so.

Studying the legacy of the brave pirates, sometimes you wonder: what did the respected authors of this localization smoke and in whose head could the idea come to translate the name of the dark first-person shooter with dismemberment and bloodshed Blood as “V. I. Lenin: First Blood”? Yes, and provide the appropriate voice-over.

The story of the resurrected main character, who defied a powerful deity, turns into some kind of absurdity. But that’s probably what Fargus wanted.

The authors did not forget about memetic phrases (which were in circulation at the time of the game’s release, of course).

The pirates added a part of the Russian soul to the harsh everyday life of the American police officer max Payne. Evaluate the skill of execution.

Missing stars from the sky, a member of the large Resident Evil Gun Survivor family would not be worth your attention if it were not for the actors of the Paradox Studio, who for some reason decided to give the main character the features of a provincial Gopnik.

The guys from the same Studio are responsible for the quoted translation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Is official localization able to give us such talented actors?

Here, for example, is a store owner with an unusual accent.

Every wizard must have fifty Bertie bol bils ver bin dyn, don’t they?

Well, we’ve had enough of magic. A little-known game based on the movie “Apocalypse” with Bruce Willis is remarkable in that it has absolutely no overlap with the original plot and” Petrosyan ” voice acting, which brought the four horsemen of the Apocalypse to the story. Something on the level of “Brothers and rings” or even higher.

In General, the Paradox Studio was noted for some monstrous number of “localized” games, leaving almost every one with its indelible mark of “quality”. Here is a modest nurse Lisa garland from the first Silent Hill, apparently, came to this city straight from Ukraine, and the main character clearly grew up in a disadvantaged area.

The original Resident Evil did not escape the “professional voice-over” either. I never managed to recognize the authors of this beautiful localization, but they tried, really.

Many people remember the fairly popular translation of Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness from the office of “SEC”. And although it really stood out from the General background, it is not clear why the authors decided to parody Leonid Volodarsky, “ognusaviv” completely neutral voices of the original.

If you think about the localizations of RTS, the memory of every real old-school gamer will inevitably pop up the famous “Superbrain” – a literal translation of the name of the Zerg unit Overmind. But not only for this is worth “praise” pirates: a lot of interesting things are found in dubbing. In General, the work of “the Seventh wolf” was performed at a decent level, but when voicing General Duke, something clearly went wrong.

And if this can be attributed to a banal error, then in the localization of Starcraft: Brood War, the voice of the same General Duke acquired certain “southern” notes.

But this is not the most interesting. While we were enjoying all this holiday, the neighboring country of Ukraine was working on its own national dubbing of Starcraft. It was interesting.

And now there will be a thing purer than Goethe’s Faust. Which popular game do you think this description belongs to?

“One day, three New Russians gathered at the dacha to have a good time with their new friend-a girl from “not from here”. This experiment and quite natural desires led to contact with unknown matter and transfer to the past-several thousand years ago. Their souls have moved into the Thief, Warrior, and Magician, who will have to survive in this world with” concepts ” different from the present time. And yet the transfer of matter affected not only the condition of the three friends, but also slightly modified the surrounding residents, teaching them to communicate by hair dryer and live by the cruel “concepts” of the Beginning of the Great Partition.”

That’s right-this is Diablo. Or rather, “Brothers” from the kudos Studio.

We remember the wild pirate dubbing of old games
Among other advantages, the authors themselves note the following:

more than three hours of Bratkov’s speech and video;
realistic 3D graphics on the Blizzard engine;
Big Bratkov encyclopedia (history of the country).
The intensity of passions is so high that you can not get rid of gifs-watch the video.

The fact that this localization exists is remarkable in itself. Someone didn’t just want to articulate (even in “smeshnye” manner) a dark and bloody Diablo. The pirates were bothered not only by writing their own story, but also by rendering videos with stunning 3D models.

The desire of buyers to play in their native language is understandable, and the pirates of the 90’s tried to meet the demand as much as possible. The situation on the market was such that all the cream was collected by the one who managed to put the translated product on the shelves before everyone else, so the quality of localization was not always a priority. The same “Fargus” in the late 90’s and did began to produce games in various publications, indicating the Golden seal just those that were voiced by “professional actors”. This is a simple reason for the appearance of numerous” spent ” transfers — as always, the whole fault was money.

By 2020, the situation with full localization into Russian has become incomparably better, but it is still not perfect. This time, the work of really professional actors, sound engineers, stackers, and other specialists requires huge expenses — not every AAA game is able to beat off such budgets. Therefore, many games remain without Russian-language voice-over.

Not wanting to put up with the situation, fans themselves took up this difficult process — the result was numerous fan voice-overs of completely different games. It even got to the point that “mechanical” translations — that is, voiced in automatic mode by a robot-began to enjoy a certain popularity. And if you compare such a mechanical voiceover with the examples listed in this article, I will choose the second one. Yes, they are funny, ridiculous and stupid, but at least they have life in them. Not to mention the contribution that their authors made to the history of domestic gaming.

This is not all examples of “uporotoy” voice acting in video games. Unfortunately or fortunately, the era of pirated translations is long over, but its legacy is so extensive that it can be studied indefinitely. And share your options for memorable voice acting in the comments!

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