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Devil May Cry-style icon!

Why does everyone love this franchise so much?
Today, the iconic third part of Devil May Cry is 15 years old, and we decided to find out what is unique about the slasher series. What kind of business card that made these games are not just popular, but the real icons of style?

It used to be … more epic!
In case you haven’t played Devil May Cry or forgot the events of the series, we will briefly introduce you to the course of the case: these are slashers about Dante — a stylish handsome man, an athlete and a demon hunter. He cuts them down with a sword, shoots them with pistols, even though his father was, ahem, a demon himself. His name was Sparda, and in ancient times he rebelled against his own kind. Thus Sparda helped humanity, protecting it from the evil spirits that lurked in its dimension.

As a demon, Sparda remained on the other side of reality. But his twin sons, born of a mortal, settled among the people. One offspring is called Dante, and he prefers to wear red, and the other is Virgil, and he likes blue. But both twins are similar in face, whitish hair, and superhuman strength.

The legend of Sparda precedes each part of Devil May Cry: it is told in prologues, always in a meaningful tone. Thus, from the very threshold, the screenwriters emphasize the first business card of the plot: the connection between the old and the present. Sparda and Dante. The first is a full — blooded demon, the second is only half, but both have rejected their nature, fighting with their own kind and protecting people.

Devil May Cry-style icon!
Only here the epic tone of the legend does not fit with the frivolous present. As we will see later, Dante destroys demons, joking and joking, and the events themselves regularly slide into clowning. Thus, the second feature of the style is born: the contrast of the serious with the comic, which we will meet more than once in Devil May Cry.

Demonic Santa Barbara
Sparda’s second son, Virgil, on the other hand, sneezed at his father’s ideals and chose the path of demons. She led him down an incline, as we see in Devil May Cry 3-the game with which, according to strange Japanese logic, the story of the series begins. In it, Virgil teamed up with Arkham — a man who yearns for diabolical power and wants to open the door to the world of demons. Like any other antagonists, both lose to Dante: Arkham is killed, and the wounded Virgil remains in the demon world.

Subsequently, Dante will save the human world from demons and the awakening of ancient evil at least three times. First, the hero will deal with Mundus (Devil May Cry), once feuding with Sparda, then — the owner of an international Corporation (Devil May Cry 2), hunting for demonic forces, and then — with the order of the Sword (Devil May Cry 4). The latter worship Sparda as a God and use his sword to open the gates to the other world. Unfortunately, Dante gets in their way, this time playing a minor role, and the main character Nero is his nephew, the son of Virgil.

In the shortest retelling, the stories seem simple, but in fact they are even simpler. Every time there are artifacts that help ancient evil penetrate the world of people. The characters match the plays: they are flat, at the level of b-class fighters.

Bread and circuses
Then why do millions love Devil May Cry? It’s all about the same style of games: if they cling, then in full. As a result, the player refuses to see empty stories, noticing only his feed. And she’s fiendishly effective!

In order to achieve this, the writers use hyperbole. This applies to both small and significant scenes. An example of the first is Dante, who stylishly puts on a jacket at the beginning of Devil May Cry 3: at the same time, he throws the sword up, spins the cloak and only then tries it on. In a much more significant scene, Dante is riding a motorcycle up a sheer wall that collapses in the process! This would be enough to show the coolness of the character, but he does not like it: while in the air, he beats up enemies, spinning the motorcycle like nunchucks. Transport does not stand up to such exploitation and explodes in protest.

In order to cheat effectively, the writers are willing to sacrifice any applicable laws, including logic and physics. As a result, motorcycles behave unnaturally not only in the above scene, but also its counterpart from the first part of Devil May Cry. At the beginning of the game, trish, Dante’s future partner, breaks into his office, breaking through a stone wall on an iron horse. On the latter at the same time-not a scratch!

Removing all this mess, the virtual operator tries to keep up with the writers. He’s clearly on the same mix of stimulants and coffee, so he’s extremely active. Catches every significant detail, emphasizes it in slow motion and quickly changes frames, experimenting with angles. Such burslesk is not possible when shooting live, but the developers of Devil May Cry actively use the fact that their camera is not tied to any tripod.

The resulting scenes show game in the spirit of Indian cinema, but made in an adult way, in Hollywood. Local hypertrophied coolness and professional performance contrast with the absurdity of situations. As a result, the audience is served a rattling cocktail-the bar’s signature drink called Devil May Cry.

An actor who still doesn’t have an Oscar»
If Devil May Cry is the theater of the absurd, then Dante is his diva. Here he is the main star and sets the tone of the story and not only. The hypertrophied scenes, such as the ones we mentioned above, are justified by its coolness.

Dante’s coolness seems limitless, but, in fact, it is balanced. So that the hero seems powerful, but not completely. 9\10 — so for him it was interesting to watch. For a half-demon, you worry: then all of it will be pierced with scythes at the beginning of the third part, then scalded with current and pierced with your own sword in the first. There is a contrast between the hero’s coolness and his vulnerability. If Dante scares, then full. An ordinary person will be sent to their forefathers, and our hero will endure them — but only in moderation! We will see this later.

If Dante’s dough is hard, like a demon’s, then the filling is completely human. Although he looks like a touchy-feely person who doesn’t care about everyone, his human heart comes out in the climax. When it’s really bad, we see a different person: serious, sympathetic — even self-sacrificing. For example, as at the end of Devil May Cry, when he forgives and grieves for a character who first betrayed him (not being able to do otherwise), and then sacrificed himself.
Dante took over the human heart from his mother, whom he lost as a child. As a result, he became an orphan. Only one brother-and that bastard! Despite the hard fate, Dante did not oskotinilsya: just something overgrown armor of sarcasm and eternal frivolity. However, half-heartedness has a big minus: Dante does not become either a demon or a person. He stuck in two worlds, presenting the classic “home among strangers, a stranger among his own”. In eternal contra with demons, but also not particularly accepted among humans. Because it’s unnaturally strong!

At the same time, Dante is too proud to yearn for loneliness. Moreover, he is comfortable living alone with himself, with his power. He doesn’t really need company, nor do women, wealth, power, and all the other things that drive many of us. He has enough of himself and a modest cubbyhole-office — a striking contrast to his enemies, each of whom is ridiculously ambitious. Their attitude is ” I will rule the world like a God!”, “is balanced by a pofigisticheski-minded Dante.

It is Dante who balances the story, adding a contrast between the serious and the not-so-serious. Between power and vulnerability, a tragic past, loneliness and a positive disposition with self-sufficiency, between the cartoon ambitions of the villains and the phlegm of the protagonist.

Devil May Cry-style icon!
Two elements: fear and anger
The contrast is also felt in the music. It sets two different moods. On the one hand, horror. It is combined with dark levels: deserted, with a mandatory admixture of devilry. Whether it’s demons in city streets or demonic temples and other buildings where we will fight evil. Different instruments are used for this purpose: Church choir, organ, violins, low drums or bells.

Music outside of fights, at each level can be viscous or, on the contrary, dynamic. But it always creates a certain mood: as if we are faced with outright devilry. That goes well with the stories of games where the forces of evil really build their infernal machinations.

Then it’s time to fight, and the suspense is replaced by the opposite emotion-aggression. She also has a demonic color and rasstraivaet intimidate the player. As if ordering: kill them! Since fighting is 90% of the gameplay of Devil May Cry, it is the music that is remembered the most. As for example, Battle Music 1 from the third part. Listen, this mix of Rammstein, Scooter, and Prodigy sets you up to shake your head if you’re out of the game, or knead devils when you have a gamepad in your hands!

Two elements: fear and anger-are found in the musical themes of bosses. And this fully reflects the mood of the player, who is afraid of this creature, demolishing a lot of health with his punches, with a large line of health, but still wants to reset it. They are now with Dante on the same page and ready to hit the muzzle, but not for the sake of survival… and STYLE.

After all, Dante fights not for life or death, but for the sake of punts. Simply putting out enemies is not his approach. You need to do it effectively, alternating different techniques, swinging a sword, shooting and juggling enemies. At this point, the player finally gets used to the role of a stylish demon killer who goes out of his way for the highest score: Smokin ‘Sexy Style from the fifth part or Smokin’ Sick Style from the fourth.

At this point, the gamer does the same thing as the protagonist in the videos: challenges enemies, gets them on the horns and, already on the verge of death, makes a powerful combo, effectively annihilating demons. And then pretends that this was intended. And the game evaluates his antics as “Stilnenko!”. The same word that describes the local battles, the presentation of stories, the contrast of both music and Dante’s personality.

Have you been familiar with the series for a long time? Or the first time I heard about it only the fifth part?

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